Monday, July 23, 2007

Squeaker begins enjoying a week in Tahuya!

I checked Squeaker, Sr. Fidelis, and Sr. Philomena into the Shorebrook place for the week. We enjoyed sharing the phenomena of "zip lock omelets" before I had to leave for home! Hopefully they'll be able to enjoy some sun on the deck of the beach place. Oh yes - I was forced to take one of Leonard's Boysenberry Pies home with me - YUM!!!

No that's not a cabbage that Squeaker's holding ... it's one of Leonard's Kohlrabi!!

Leonard ... thanks for your delicious pie - each one seems better than the previous one!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Montgomery, Alabama!

Other than the inside of Houston and Montgomery airport, the inside of Continental airplanes, and the workshop location, I did not experience much of the deep south - and the once capital city of the Confederacy. I did experience heat, humidity, air conditioning, hotel pool, flight delay/missed connection and an awesome thunder and lightning storm (more sheet, flash, and streak lightning in one half hour than my total life experience)!

Beautiful views of Mt. Rainier leaving Seattle on Monday... think cooooooo!!

Colorful filtered sunlight ... Houston airport

Workshop participants...

Meeting another traveler's companion - Flat Stanley! (Strange... the little girl's mom is a teacher!?*)

Waiting for our take off turn...