Friday, April 10, 2015

Ten On Ten ~ April 10, 2015, In Tahuya!

A windy and then rainy April Day!!

My morning coffee brought
 memories of attending and
 presenting at many 
April NCTM conferences...
mug from Chicago 2000!

Both neighbor dog Molly and I were
"red & black" for our morning walk...

 Busy little bird moving into
the house on Renie's deck!

Always enjoy a sighting of 
friendly neighborhood kitty!

 Workmen spent the day
installing a new walk-in 
shower/tub at Renie's!

 Lots of "Scotch Broom" sightings
during morning walk...

Did some planting ...
lettuce, radishes, and peas.

Decided Fuschia won't move to
a hanging basket today!

  Gray clouds and wind 
delivered lots of rain!!

 Easter ham bone joins
beans for soup!