Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010 ~ Ten on Ten

Love the low life ...
that is, the low tide life on Hood Canal -
 wonderful minus tide of 2.8 today!
Blue skies and warm sunshine
help make it even better.

Lots of little crabs attacking a Cockle (clam) ...
we collect them and use for crab bait.
We also collect moon snails, sand dollars,
and golf balls.

Crabbing is only Wednesday thru Saturday,
 so the pots were pulled -
fortunately, we did get some crab, along with the sea star!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sister Jeri & Sister Philomena Enjoy Tahuya Time (7/5,6,7,8/2010) !

Once again - summer in the Northwest arrives the day after the 4th of July ... and so does Jerry's Aunt - Sr. Jeri (aka "Squeaker") and her wonderful friend, Sister Philomena! They brought wonderful gifts of produce from Uncle Leonard's garden and his awesome Boysenberry Pie. Happily, we were able to treat them to a lunch of weekend caught crab. Philomena brought her knitting and enjoyed a variety of movies she brought along.Pat was still in town following the weekend celebrations and we all enjoyed dinner and the Alderbrook July 5 fireworks with her at the beach house. Renie joined us for dinner and we played Farkel while waiting for the 10pm show "Thunder on the Canal". The power was off for a couple of hours as we finished our game by candle light and lantern and then enjoyed the show. As we returned from the beach house to Shorebrook, the power came back.

Day 2 ~ Renie delivers a rose for each guest to enjoy in their room. Jerry gets up early to capture oysters for Philomena - who couldn't wait to "shuckel" ... and Sr. Jeri swallows a raw one! Elena and Jacob arrive - she  enjoys the sunshine, and Jacob enjoys playing "Kings in the Corner". We nibble on crab for lunch and all clam lovers enjoy those for dinner. Dessert was Leonard's pie on Renie's porch - and another game of Farkel.

Day 3 ~ Crabs are caught, cooked, and cleaned ... there will be some to send home with our guests, as well as oysters and clams. Sr. Jeri and I enjoy the short walk to the post office to get some "Forever Stamps". Elena and Jacob return to enjoy the heat ... Jacob, Sr. Jeri, and I enjoy cooling off in the canal. Beets and our first carrots, along with chicken for dinner on our deck - neighbors Renie and Mike stop by for wine.

Day 4 ~ An early morning departure - complete with beverages for the road and seafood to share! We treasure the shared time together.