Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ten on Ten ~ 
December 10, 2016
A wonderful busy day!

Enjoy this each year ...
 purchased during a 
girlfriend trip to Cabo!

Stockings hung ... and early 
Christmas presents -

Memories from the past... 
 Holly reminds me of the
tree my grandparents
had in Enumclaw ... and 
the holly they sent to us
in Tok Junction, Alaska!
Also, a memory from my 
first year of teaching in 
Seattle ... when one of the 
students looked at
the vase of holly I had
brought to the classroom 
and said ...
"I've never seen
 baby tomatoes
  A big part of my day
was with wrapping paper ...
prepping for next weekend's
Christmas celebrations
with grand nieces and
grand nephews!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ten on Ten ~ November 10, 2016
Enjoying being in Tahuya, with
awesome November weather!

Beautiful Fall color in Shorebrook Park!

Clematis is still blooming!!!

 Salmon life cycle ...lots of splashing 
sounds and sightings ...salmon are 
battling up the creek from the canal!!

 Enjoyed a couple of hours helping with
prep for tomorrow's bazaar at the church!

Had the advantage of "early bird" 
shopping ...came away with 2 bracelets 
- passed on thereindeer plate -
 maybe tomorrow!?!

Afternoon game playing included "high tea"...
YUM - first time to enjoy Licorice Spice!!

 Lost both at Cribbage & 
Kings in the Corner!

Love Tahuya November sun & sunsets!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten On Ten ~ October 10, 2016
Enjoying day 7 of a 
three week Sun City stay...
beautiful sunny weather 
and awesome sunsets!!

Feeling blessed to have a SEAHAWK
gift here from wonderful Tahuya
friend ~ Sandy Curtis!!

Feeling blessed to have
Washington friends here ... 
and to have recived gifts 
from them!!

Thank you Beverly Neitzel 
for the Spirit Blanket!

Thank you Trina Hendrickson for
turning my T-shirt into a pillow!!

 Thank you Ann Clark & Michelle Orton
for creating a Sun City shirt!!

                                              Enjoying the price of gas
                                                              at COSTCO!!

                                 Columbus Day ... SALES!
                                                   New shirt & swim suit for Jerry,
                                                               new top for me!

Early Halloween treats...
thanks to Bev's
Open House!!

Sample of neighborhood
Halloween decor!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ten On Ten ~ 
Saturday, September 10, 2016

A beautiful sunny day in Tahuya! 
Enjoying the blessing of retirement ...
remembering soooo many 
"back to school" Septembers!

The weather was perfect for
Jerry and Mike to work on
assembling/installing the 
gazebo over the hot tub!

The weather was perfect for
Tahuya weekenders!!
Cathy had girl friends since
 junior high visit, and cousins, 
Merry and Traci, with friends,
enjoyed the beach house!

Sunshine is helping the tomatoes
and blackberries continue to ripen!

Dinner for the gazebo workers!

 Enjoyed a visit from 
nephew Shayne
and his new car!

Anticipating tomorrow's 
season opener ...
SEAHAWKS vs. Miami

 Remembering what happened
15 years ago ...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ten on TeTen on Ten ~ Wednesday
             August 10, 2016


Loved my 38 year career...
Loving retirrement!!

Enjoy Rosemary's gift -
great with peanut butter!

 Love the Tahuya community book exchange!!

Enjoy the cinnamon flavor of both ...
but Fireball is the better!!

Happy reunion ... my honey found the 
missing earring when cleaning the car! 

Sometimes a neighborhood Tahuya
 chicken goes wandering!

Anticipating another great 
SEAHAWK season!!

Looking forward to this
event tomorrow!!