Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten On Ten ~ October 10, 2016
Enjoying day 7 of a 
three week Sun City stay...
beautiful sunny weather 
and awesome sunsets!!

Feeling blessed to have a SEAHAWK
gift here from wonderful Tahuya
friend ~ Sandy Curtis!!

Feeling blessed to have
Washington friends here ... 
and to have recived gifts 
from them!!

Thank you Beverly Neitzel 
for the Spirit Blanket!

Thank you Trina Hendrickson for
turning my T-shirt into a pillow!!

 Thank you Ann Clark & Michelle Orton
for creating a Sun City shirt!!

                                              Enjoying the price of gas
                                                              at COSTCO!!

                                 Columbus Day ... SALES!
                                                   New shirt & swim suit for Jerry,
                                                               new top for me!

Early Halloween treats...
thanks to Bev's
Open House!!

Sample of neighborhood
Halloween decor!