Saturday, April 18, 2009

Helping Sr. Jeri Pack Up, Move Out, and Settle In!

The "joys" of moving!!
Sharing some scenes from the happy event..

Pat and Pam helped with some of the sorting and packing.

Yippee!! Look what was in the freezer!!

The move out cleaning - and
last "to do's" for Jeri & Jerry ...

Lots of fun tasks and accomplishments
at the new apartment!

Hmmm...was Pam saying "Fifteen - two" and "Go"?!
Jacob put away all the CD's!

Tyler unpacked and shelved all the books!

"Cable Guy" arrived to connect phone, TV, computer!

The bathroom is ready!
The pantry shelves are installed and filled!

Time for a break ...

Looking like the kitchen is set!!

YES...pretty much all settled!!

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