Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remembering Mom

Lucille Rose Fallen ~ 9/23/23 - 6/13/09

Mom's last Tahuya visit ...May 2, 2009

My thought's shared at Mom's memorial service...

Thank you for the kind deeds, words, love, and support that have been shown to my Mom and our family during her last weeks. My memories from those weeks include seeing her enjoying the visits, the friendly and compassionate conversations and e-mails, the flowers, the fruits, and the home made custards and tapiocas. Should let you know, that as her appetite and digestion waned, it was actually her caretakers who got more enjoyment from the chocolates and beverages.

For me personally, I’ll remember the learning curve of becoming a “nurse’s aide” … as a teacher, my previous medical experience had pretty much been limited to writing a note for someone to go to the nurse’s office. I cherish the close mentoring provided by both Mom’s and my sister Judi’s skilled nursing expertise – and the wonderful range of support provided by Hospice. When Mom did ask, “what is this pill for?” – I wasn’t sure if it was a pop quiz for me, or if she was just confirming for herself that it was the one that she had requested. Thanks to Judi’s “cheat sheet” that she made for me and my own additional symptom coding, I earned Mom’s compliments on my pill dispensing.

Most of all, I’ll treasure the time we shared as her earthly life was ending. We felt the sun, admired the brilliant blue sky and our spectacular mountain view. The backyard rhodies were never more beautiful. We were in awe of nature and God’s work on a joy ride to Crystal Mountain and amazed at seeing Enumclaw hay being baled in May. It was Mom’s attitude that added peace and comfort to each day. I can’t count the times I heard her say, “I’m blessed to be 85!” It’s now through my older eyes and wiser heart that I can look back and see her living with an inspiring Christian faith and steadfast love for family and community.

In the midst of sorrow, I am so grateful … God saw her getting tired, a cure not meant to be, so he put his arms around her, and whispered…“Come with Me”.
God Didn’t promise
Days without pain,
Laughter without sorrow
or sun without rain.
But God did promise
Strength for the day,
Comfort for the tears


Jenny said...

These last posts about your Mom are absolutely wonderful...thank you for sharing Pam!

She was such an amazing woman, I'm so glad she was able to enjoy her last days with family, friends, amazing weather, and what seems to be such a joyful attitude.

christine et Pascal said...

Pam et toute la famille,

Nous venons d apprendre cette terrible nouvelle.
Ta maman, nous l adorions Pascal et moi meme, vraiment une dame tres tres sympatique et pleine de vie.
Elle restera toujours dans notre coeur.
Nous nous associons a votre douleur.
Pascal et Christine