Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010 ~ Ten on Ten

Love the low life ...
that is, the low tide life on Hood Canal -
 wonderful minus tide of 2.8 today!
Blue skies and warm sunshine
help make it even better.

Lots of little crabs attacking a Cockle (clam) ...
we collect them and use for crab bait.
We also collect moon snails, sand dollars,
and golf balls.

Crabbing is only Wednesday thru Saturday,
 so the pots were pulled -
fortunately, we did get some crab, along with the sea star!


Elena said...

Nice pictures Pam, but I think the last one is mine?

Jenny said...

i'm getting jealous of all these hood canal photos...we're long overdue for a visit.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Visiting from 10 on 10..I have never been to the hood canal, it looks beautiful! great pictures!

Dani said...

Beautiful the little crabs.