Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Reflections ~ January 14–23, 2012

Went to bed on Saturday, Jan 14…
anticipating first snowfall of the year!

Sunday 15th~ SNOW!!

Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th ...
Enjoying the Snow!

Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th

NO POWER Wednesday morning,
more snow, then freezing rain
and the sound of limbs
breaking off trees!

Friday 20th, Saturday 21st,
Sunday 22nd  ...
thankful we have a generator
 and that crews work
 to restore power!!
Sunday night, after 5 days
without power -
 we could turn on lights
and turn off the generator!!!

Monday 23rd ...
clean up begins, with
sounds of
chain saw and chipper!


Tahuya Snow...
we weren't there,
thanks to Linda & Renie
for sharing photos!!

Snow Humor!!

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