Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ten on Ten ~ November 10, 2016
Enjoying being in Tahuya, with
awesome November weather!

Beautiful Fall color in Shorebrook Park!

Clematis is still blooming!!!

 Salmon life cycle ...lots of splashing 
sounds and sightings ...salmon are 
battling up the creek from the canal!!

 Enjoyed a couple of hours helping with
prep for tomorrow's bazaar at the church!

Had the advantage of "early bird" 
shopping ...came away with 2 bracelets 
- passed on thereindeer plate -
 maybe tomorrow!?!

Afternoon game playing included "high tea"...
YUM - first time to enjoy Licorice Spice!!

 Lost both at Cribbage & 
Kings in the Corner!

Love Tahuya November sun & sunsets!!