Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cruisers are in JUNEAU!

Sunny and warm here at home ...
gray and cool in Juneau on Sunday, May 17th.
Happy Cruisers - warmly welcomed dockside
by our friends, Eric & Bunny!! The always spectacular Mendenhall Glacier!

From Bunny ..."Wouldn't you know it was grey, windy, and very cold the day they were here, but it didn't rain. The whales were scarce and not very showy, but we did see a few. Mostly we enjoyed the scenery and each other."


Pat said...

Thanks again for taking us and picking us up, and for babysitting 18 year old Bob (our cat). We had a wonderful time and it was great to return home to such nice weather.

Elena said...

It was great meeting Bunny and Eric. We had a great time on their boat. We all had a wonderful time in Alaska!